Kick Sugar to the Curb, for Good.


That tiny, five-letter word is fighting quite the war on our health. Weight gain, depression, inflamed skin and acne, low energy, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are just a few of the conditions directed caused by high sugar consumption. Yet, sugar, and lots of it, can be found in the majority of the foods that we consume, and many of us seem to crave it (all the time). It goes by a number of sneaky names: cane sugar, corn syrup, aspartame, xylitol, and dextrose, to name a few, but they all mean the same thing: bad news for our minds and bodies.

So, why do we crave sugar? It's simple: sugar is addictive. When we eat sugar, massive amounts of dopamine are released into our brains. When we do this regularly and in large amounts, our dopamine receptors start to down-regulate: they decrease in numbers. This is why we constantly crave more sugar to feel satisfied. Sugary foods are nutrient-deficient, so our bodies actually don't even consider the calories from them to be food. This is why you can eat so many calories of sugary foods like they're nothing: because, really, they are nothing that your body needs. Your body is starving for real food! Think about it this way: have you ever eaten an entire package of Oreos (guilty)? One is never enough, yet you can finish off an entire package and still be hungry for more! Let's break that down:

One Package of Original Oreo Cookies:
One Serving= 3 cookies (seriously?), Servings Per Package= 12, That is 36 cookies in total.
Sugar Per One Serving= 14g, Sugar Per One Package= 168g

Compare that to the recommended daily amounts of added sugar for adults via the American Heart Association:
Adult women: no more than 25g of added sugar per day,
Adult men: no more than 36g of added sugar per day.

So, if you did eat that entire package, you've consumed more than five to six times the amount of added sugar recommended for your entire day. That, and I bet you'll be craving more in the soon-after future. So, what can we do to stop the cycle for good?

This is where I come in. Presenting:

My  first  E-Book!!

My first E-Book!!

Let me tell you: I used to put six (!) spoonfuls of sugar in my coffee (and it's not like I was only drinking one coffee a day). I've torn my beautifully-organized cupboards apart searching for any kind of chocolate. I've ordered everything on the dessert menu (in one sitting). I can easily say: I was an addict.

Then, my boyfriend told me about a sugar cleanse that he was asking his bootcamp to follow. It was only four days long, and he'd love for me to create a vegan version so we could complete it alongside his bootcampers. I laughed in his face. But, I love him, so I pretended to be kidding (I wasn't), told him that I would love to, and got to work.

The first version of this program was a bunch of messy scribbles in a notebook. But, it worked! Seriously. We were never hungry, food became more and more delicious, and our cravings for sugar fully ceased around day three. We even decided to complete a few extra days because we felt so amazing! When we finally decided to add fruit back into our diet, we ate blackberries, and oh. my. god! They were the most flavorful, juicy, perfect blackberries that I have ever tasted. 

The second version of this program was a scattered PDF. But, it worked. Again

Finally, I decided that the world needed to share in the amazing benefits of this sugar cleanse, which I have lovingly compiled into my first (!!) E-Book: Sugar Shift: A Program to (Finally!) Kick Those Sugar Cravings.

A little peek inside my book!

A little peek inside my book!

Sugar Shift is a 30-Page E-Book with 23 Original Plant-Based Recipes, all of which are sugar-free and incredibly delicious. You'll follow the same program that I followed myself, which is broken down into seven days: only four of which ask you to completely ditch sugar. The program is not a diet, but a "reset" that allows you to set the tone for your future relationship with food. 

While this still may sound insane to you, keep in mind that it is only four days of your entire life! I'd love for you to stop and really consider some of the incredible benefits that come with breaking up with sugar:

  • Weight loss,
  • Mental clarity,
  • Clearer skin,
  • Increased energy,
  • Reinvigorated taste buds (did you know that sugar desensitizes your taste buds?!),
  • No more sugar cravings,
  • And so much more!

For a $20 investment in your health, Sugar Shift can be yours. I put my heart into this book: every recipe is tried, tested, and loved, every recipe has easy-to follow directions & a beautiful photo (taken by me!), and many of the recipes incorporate ingredients found in the other recipes so as to save you time and money at the grocery store. I am also here to answer any/all of your questions! If you're ready to say goodbye to sugar cravings once and for all (maybe after Thanksgiving?!), head on over to my store to purchase your copy. It is an instant download, so you will receive your book in seconds. I hope you love it! Share your food pics & successes with the hashtag #shiftfromsugar on your social media accounts! What will you do when you feel better than you ever have before? Make the shift:

pesto punch power bowl from my e-book!

pesto punch power bowl from my e-book!