Sugar Shift: FAQs & Testimonials

On November 21st, I shared Sugar Shift with you for the first time. I'd been working on this program for months, and being able to finally offer it to the world was such an exciting moment for me. The program itself began as an idea, transformed into scribbles in a notebook, transitioned into a really boring PDF, and finally became the e-book that you can download here

This post is all about answering some of the questions that I have received about the program, and to share some of the testimonials from those who have already completed the program. If you have a question that is not answered below, please leave it in the comments! 

Sugar Shift FAQs

1. What will I be eating on the program?
   The program includes 23 original, plant-based recipes (every one with it's own photo) devoid of sugar designed to fill you up with goodness. The recipes are divided into sections: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and sides, and every day that you follow the program you choose one recipe to create and enjoy from each category. Recipes include power bowls, pancakes, soups, burrito bowls, and more!

2. Will I be hungry on the program?
    Absolutely not. This is in no way a "diet." The recipes are designed to fill you up and keep you fuller, longer. Serving sizes are simply recommendations, and you can always add extra avocado, extra veggies, or another side to your meal if needed. 

3. Will I be eating fruit on the program?
    While fruit is an important part of a balanced and healthy diet, fruit is not included in this plan. This plan is designed as a "reset," thus is extremely short in nature (you only completely abstain from sugar for four days on the program). It's purpose is to give you a glimpse into your eating habits: what, why, and how you are eating, and just how amazing you can feel if you replace the "bad" things in your diet with the "good," things available to you. In order to fully reap the benefits (reinvigorated taste buds, mental clarity, decreased inflammation, clearer skin, increased energy, feeling better than you ever have before, and yes, getting rid of those sugar cravings), all sugar has to be absent from the foods you are eating.  

4. Can I work out while on the program?
    Yes! You'll be eating nourishing and fueling foods, so you just may notice a spike in your energy level. Just be sure to hydrate! 

5. Will I experience withdrawal symptoms while on the program?
    This varies from person to person, and is dependent upon the amount of sugar you normally consume. Before completing the program for the first time, I ate a fair amount of sugar. While on the program, I didn't experience withdrawal symptoms other than dreaming about doughnuts (I'm not kidding!), and that only happened one time. After day three, I was craving cherries! After day four, I decided to extend the program for another two days because I loved how I felt. If you do experience symptoms, they will be mild in nature and shouldn't last more than 48-72 hours. Symptoms, if any, may show up as light headaches or negative thoughts. The best thing you can do when this happens is to hydrate, stay full with nutrient-dense foods, and to remind yourself that you can do this.

6. Can I really do this?
We are much stronger than we sometimes think we are. You are capable of doing anything that you set your mind to! The entirety of the program is one week, only four full days devoted to being sugar-free, of your entire life. You can totally do it. So many of us do not know how amazing we are meant to feel. This program will show you, in a very short period of time, just how great your body and mind can feel when you make yourself and your health a priority.

Find out more here, get your copy of the e-book here, and see what others have to say about their experiences below:


What will you do when you are free from sugar?