FLYTunes: December Favorites

I've said it before and I'll say it again: my job is the coolest. I'm a coach, a DJ, a motivational speaker, and an entertainer. I get to sweat with so many cool people every single day. The highlight of December was easily my birthday. My 30th birthday (!!). It fell on a Wednesday this year, but that didn't stop my Tuesday evening crew from throwing me a party! They had homemade (vegan) cupcakes (that were so good!), champagne, gifts... one rider that couldn't make it to class came to celebrate post-class! How cool is that? This was all after a sold-out class of rockstars that gave it their all (we were very sweaty) for 45 minutes, smiling and woo-ing along the way. Then, on Wednesday, my actual birthday, I received even more gifts from riders, so many birthday hugs, and multiple PRs in another sold-out class; what more could I ask for?!

While I can't pack them all into one playlist (and boo, Spotify, you didn't have half of the songs I wanted to post!), here are a few of my favorites from December! My favorite? Human by Rag'n'Bone Man. Rock on!