Why Goal Setting Is Important (Even If You Fail)


Happy New Year!

And here we are: another year, another list of resolutions. As you make your list and plan your best year yet, it's important to remember why we set goals: goals give us focus, measurable progress, and motivation (or at least, they do if you decide that your goals are a priority).

A priority? Oh yes. Goals don't work on their own. Goals only work if YOU do: they are the first (and the last!) step towards something you really want (the possibilities are endless). So, make them big, make them bold, and put in work. It's like that saying,

“Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” - Les Brown

Even if you don't reach your BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal), you'll still be so much further along than if you made it too easy, gave up after failing (the first or the 27th time), or didn't give 100%. It's a win/win with the right mindset.

To show you what I mean, I decided to make myself a guinea pig. I set a new goal for myself back in October 2017. My goal was to hit a personalized hydration goal every day of the month. Being hydrated is vital for almost every function in the body. Water acts as a building block, a solvent for chemical reactions, fights and prevents disease, boosts mood, and is a transport material for nutrients and waste (and so much more). I hopped on board with a really cool smart water bottle called Hidrate Spark, set up my hydration goal(s) in ounces, and dove in. Here's how I did in October:


Pretty good, right? I didn't fully accomplish my goal (I missed 3 days), but overall I drank more water than I ever have - in my entire life. Every single day I drank at least 80 ounces of water, if not more. Plus, every time I was thirsty, my goal made choosing water over anything else so much easier than if I hadn't tracking. Knowing that downing another coffee or having a margarita at dinner would dehydrate me and push me further away from my goal was enough to just say no. Plus, since my friends support me in my goals (so important!), nobody pressured me once I said no to a drink (which makes a late dinner date before a morning workout so much easier to say yes to!). Not only was I drinking more water, I was drinking less coffee, less alcohol, saving money (those daily lattes and Happy Hour drinks add up!) and truly feeling even more amazing. So, even though I "failed," I decided to try again in November:


Even better. But, I still didn't accomplish my goal. I "failed" yet again. Damn. Those two days that I missed were incredibly frustrating, but I had two options: keep trying, or just give up. Was missing TWO days enough to throw away the other TWENTY-EIGHT? No way. Enter December:


BOOM. 100%! It took me three months, but I finally reached my goal! I can't even explain the happy dance that I danced on the last day of 2017 when I finally hit my goal from September 30th! What an incredible feeling to know I DID IT.

So now what? Well, so far I have hit my goal for the first two days of 2018 - and I don't plan on stopping. The best part? It's easier now! Drinking water on a regular basis has become so second nature for me that I barely need to check in on myself anymore. Additionally, I am reaping the benefits of being completely hydrated: my job at Flywheel Sports is so much easier, I am recovering from my other workouts faster, I haven't had a headache in as long as I can remember, and my skin is glowing.

What are your BHAG(s) for 2018?

  • Write them down,
  • Hold yourself accountable, and
  • PUT. IN. WORK!

Most importantly? Do not give up. Just start and do your best. You've got this!

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Not ready to commit, but really want to get moving on your hydration? Here's how much you need on a daily basis:

Multiply your weight by Two Thirds (0.67)
Example: 130 lbs x 0.67 = 87 Ounces of Water Per Day

Add 1.5 Cups (12 oz) of Water for every 30 minutes of exercise
If you have a caffeinated beverage, double the size of the beverage to rehydrate
Example: Today I worked out for 60 minutes and had one 16 ounce coffee. 
87 Ounces + (12+12+32) = 143 Ounces of Water Per Day*
*which is a little over 1 Gallon (1.117), which is TOTALLY DOABLE!