Just as we shift gears on a bicycle as the terrain changes, we should constantly be adjusting our perspective in regards to our health. Our eating habits, our workouts (recoveries included), and our mindsets ought to be reflective of the current life that we are living and of the life that we truly want to live. Some wellness shifts may be minor and/or temporary, while others may prove to be powerful and even life-changing. Every one of us is different, and every one of us thrives in our own way. We all deserve to be the best possible version of ourselves. This site, my blog, and my wellness practice is dedicated to showing you all of the little shifts you can make in your life to transition from feeling good to feeling great. I cannot wait to help you discover what your shift will be! Let's thrive. Let's treat ourselves well.

About Amandah

I was the "sick kid" growing up, always in the nurse's office (she eventually banned me!), at the ER, or on the DL. I assumed that the seemingly endless stomach cramps, ear infections, mystery diagnoses, and cover-all-of-the-windows-with-blankets-and-leave-me-alone migraines were normal. It wasn't until I went vegetarian in middle school, and vegan soon-after, that I discovered the profound effect that food truly does have on the body. My migraines vanished, I never got another ear infection, my energy skyrocketed, the mental clarity I experienced was incredible, I never had skin problems like a lot of my friends.. the list goes on and on. 

Following a plant-based, whole foods lifestyle in a small town had its challenges: the only place I could eat out with my friends was at Subway (the only option was bread with vegetables on it), the adults in my life didn't understand what I actually ate, and at school, my only lunch option was.. bread with vegetables on it. Quickly I realized that I would have to learn how to cook, and fast! I began teaching myself food basics, flavor profiles, and how to "veganize" anything/everything. Before I knew it, I was cooking the entire Thanksgiving dinner for my "Standard American Diet" family, and they were happily scarfing down seconds of quinoa-stuffed squash and vegan pumpkin pie.

In 2005 I moved to Philadelphia, and was lucky enough to train under arguably the number one vegan chef in the country. For a while I cooked professionally, Performed cooking demonstrations in private homes, and later earned my health coaching degree through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I have created plant-based menus for local eateries, taught health and cooking classes to children (I'm also an elementary teacher), and have coached groups and individuals on all things wellness. Currently, I work as a full-time fitness instructor and health coach (if you are in the Philadelphia-area, come take my classes at Flywheel Sports and [solidcore]), and host charity wellness retreats with my boyfriend, Mark. We live in Center City, Philadelphia with our rescued dog, Harriet. My favorite foods are tacos and brussels sprouts, I always want chocolate, and if I could be doing anything 24/7 it would be playing baseball.

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